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We manufacture  opal bead in 3mm to 10 mm factets,and rondelles. Sold by the string with the drill hole being 0.7 mm .

(Sorry very few round bead but we do have lots of natural rare colors) 

After joining the family business back in 2001 we have been lucky to find some amazing gems in the Australian outback. Bringing personally created unique gems to the world’s jewelry designers has become not just a job for me, it’s become an entire lifestyle 
I have learned to source, value and Cut genuine natural gemstone for you to work with.
Initially working with Jay Rock for many years I have learned the importance of ethical business in the gem and jewellery industry. I stand by my products and materials and am here personally to help you make something Unique, excitingly new and personal for yourself, or for your customers.

Please do endeavor to contact me, even if I’m in the Outback! With any questions about Australian gemstone and how I can help you make something amazing.

We sell primarily wholesale to the United States market and can supply internationally as required.

Online sales are only available, when we are not out mining.

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