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Black Opal Beads


Australian precious Opal beads.

To Inexpensive natural opal beads .


  • Black Opal Beads

  • Semi Black Opal Beads

  • White Opal Beads

  • Crystal Opal Beads

  • Boulder Opal Beads

  • Matrix Opal beads

Australian Black Opal beads.


I have been producing high quality Australian opal beads since 2002 each and every year sourcing rough from all over the country, from many miners, to be able to create a wide range of color combinations that are sorted to create a uniform Bright necklace, or an affordable stable Natural necklace that will last a lifetime. I Supply the opal industry and private designers alike. I have made roundel beads and find that micro facet beads add another level of sparkle. Beads range from $10 to $2000 per necklace each year I am able to bring just a handful of unique amazing necklaces that can never be recreated the same again. With such uniform colors per string this also opens the possibility of matching earring that are notoriously difficult to produce as two natural opals are rarely the same. A standard weighing from 50 to 100 ct is the range having a length of 16 inch (40cm) per string. Multi string designs create a truly stunning result. 

1 of a Kind

Black Opal 

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