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Directly from ​the Miners Hands


Australian opal are easy to cut and can be worth more than diamonds as a precious stone, it all starts with the rough. Mined by Australians, far in the outback it’s close enough to the ends of the earth as most people will ever venture. I visited Lightning ridge after leaving my real world job back in 2001 and haven’t looked back since. I thoroughly recommend working with opal for those looking to enjoy lapidary. And even more importantly cut a precious stone to make a profit. I supply Rough straight from the field in Jars or buckets, however the mine run comes, all the gems are left for you to find.

The enjoyment of talking directly with the miner,


Selecting your rough opal pieces and receiving cutting advise is a role we take very seriously in providing to you and leading designers.    

Here are some of our most recent mined

Opal rough pictures.

We have a very unique selection of rare colors

and stones ready for jewelry settings.  

Our Opal Cutter Jars are Very Popular items

Our Opal Cutter Jars are Very Popular items

Opal Shells from Australia

Opal Shells from Australia

Hard to find  Black Opal Rough


Courier Express    Shipped Direct

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