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Club Shows Catered For with Opals 

                                                            USA SHOWS

Tucson Show is the biggest gem and jewelry event in the  world and it was the first gem show I ever attended back in 1996. We have been exhibiting at the Days Inn show

(Red Lion Inn) since 2001 at Space 42 at the center of the court yard. Come by ‘the opal guy’ for the longest running show in Tucson from mid-January to mid-February.

This is our showcase of new cutting for the year.

Tucson Shows

Middle January till Mid February    USA

We are earliest to start and latest to finish each year.

 The Denver Coliseum Show

Has gone from strength to strength first exhibiting at the opening of this event for the gem trade. It has now become America’s largest single venue gem mineral and fossil show. We will be at space B 10 again one the ground floor at the entry to the stadium floor.

Just look for the T-Rex and we are to the right.


This show is in the beginning of September and is our premier Rough exhibition for the year as the Australian Mining season is just coming to a close. I will be bringing anything that I would cut myself to this event and supply is limited so get in fast. If you’re coming to the Denver shows you simply can’t miss this event.

Denver Coliseum Show

September 9 to 17th  2017  USA

Our Fall exhibition is based around the west coast gem faire schedule as this event is one of Americas most interesting and best run regular events as the schedule changes slightly year to year please check in with me on the contact page to make sure we will be in your town. The link to the gem faire site is below for you to see where we can meet each year.​

Fall Seasonal Shows East Coast 

We will be at Gem Fair in the Fall 

Please click link to see their shows and schedules.

Whole Bead Show   November 9- 11 Oakland CA 2018 

After listening to our west coast designers we attended our first Oakland Show 

in 2015 this event was a standout bead event along with the bead and button show in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Whole Bead Show  is in the Oakland Marriott each year in the beginning of November. For anyone interested in bead or jewelry making this event has  workshops and classes all weekend as well as some of America’s most interesting designers exhibiting.

We look forward to being welcome back to both events in the future and will continue to support designers in the Bay area for years to come.

We will be at Whole Bead Show in the Fall November 9th to 11th 

Please click link to see their shows and schedules.

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