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January 2022: Opal Unearthed in Spectacular Firework of Colors!

Lightning Ridge, Australia – In a dazzling start to the year, Shay Lennon and Jay Lennon, Australian miners extraordinaire, unearthed a breathtaking opal showcasing a mesmerizing array of colors. This natural wonder is set to captivate gem enthusiasts worldwide.

February 2022: Southern Sky Opal and Gems Shines at Tucson Gem Show

Tucson, Arizona – Southern Sky Opal and Gems made waves at the prestigious Tucson Gem Show, displaying a curated collection of the finest Australian opals. Designers and collectors flocked to witness opal magic.

March 2022: Opal Artistry Unveiled - A Collaboration with Renowned Jewelry Designers

Sydney, Australia – Shay Lennon and Jay Lennon partnered with leading jewelry designers to unveil opal-inspired masterpieces. The fusion of opal's iridescence with cutting-edge design left the industry spellbound.

April 2022: Opal Origins - A Journey to Lightning Ridge

Lightning Ridge, Australia – Join us on an exciting journey to the heart of Lightning Ridge, where opal dreams are born. Explore the history, geology, and captivating stories behind these prized gems.

May 2022: Opal Euphoria - A Vibrant Collection Unveiled

Online – Southern Sky Opal and Gems unveiled its newest opal collection, featuring opals that dance with vibrant colors. Each gem is a testament to nature's artistry.

June 2022: Opal Cutting Workshop - Discover the Craftsmanship

Sydney, Australia – Learn the art of opal cutting from the masters themselves. Shay Lennon and Jay Lennon invite you to an exclusive opal cutting workshop in Sydney.

July 2022: Opal's Journey - From Mine to Market

Lightning Ridge, Australia – Trace the incredible journey of opals from the mines of Lightning Ridge to the global market. A documentary showcasing the opal industry's rich heritage.

August 2022: Opal Treasures - A Rare Auction Event

Online – Join us for an exclusive online opal auction featuring rare and collectible opals. Secure your chance to own a piece of opal history.

September 2022: Opal Splendor in Paris - A Showcase of Elegance

Paris, France – Southern Sky Opal and Gems takes opal to the City of Love. Opulent opal jewelry pieces dazzle at a glamorous showcase in Paris.

October 2022: Opal Insights - An Interview with Opal Experts

Online – Dive into the world of opals with an exclusive interview series featuring renowned opal experts, including Shay Lennon and Jay Lennon.

November 2022: Opal Festival - Celebrating Opal Diversity

Lightning Ridge, Australia – Be part of the Opal Festival in Lightning Ridge, a celebration of opal's diversity and cultural significance. Join us for a week of opal-themed festivities.

December 2022: Opal Magic - A Year in Review

Reflect on a year of opal discoveries, craftsmanship, and unforgettable moments. Southern Sky Opal and Gems looks back at 2022's opal magic.

January 2023: Opal Mystique - A New Year of Possibilities

Lightning Ridge, Australia – Embrace the mystique of opals as we step into a new year filled with exciting opal prospects.

February 2023: Opal Enchantment - Unveiling New Cuts

Online – Southern Sky Opal and Gems unveils an enchanting collection of opals, showcasing innovative cuts and designs.

March 2023: Opal Symposium - A Gathering of Opal Aficionados

Sydney, Australia – Join us at the Opal Symposium, where opal enthusiasts, collectors, and experts come together to explore opal's enchanting world.

April 2023: Opal's Legacy - Nurturing Tomorrow's Miners

Lightning Ridge, Australia – Southern Sky Opal and Gems initiates a program to support and educate the next generation of opal miners, ensuring the legacy of opal continues.

May 2023: Opal Harmony - A Gala Evening of Opal Elegance

Sydney, Australia – Experience opal in all its glory at the Opal Harmony Gala. Opulent opal jewelry, fine dining, and entertainment under the stars.

June 2023: Opal Fusion - Exploring Opal's Versatility

Online – Delve into the versatility of opals with a month-long exploration of opal's use in various art forms, from jewelry to sculpture.

July 2023: Opal Odyssey - Journey to Opal-Producing Regions

Lightning Ridge, Australia – Take part in an opal odyssey exploring different opal-producing regions around the world.

August 2023: Opal Extravaganza - An Unforgettable Exhibition

Online – Be part of the opal extravaganza, a virtual exhibition showcasing opal creations from artists worldwide.

September 2023: Opal Euphoria - A Year of Opal Discoveries

Reflect on a year filled with opal discoveries, innovation, and the celebration of opal's timeless beauty.

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